Islamic Studies


Islamic Studies

The thematic approach that MAI uses in our religious knowledge education aims at instilling love in Arabians towards Allah s.w.t and His Messenger s.a.w. It also aims to instil in our students an appreciation and internalization of Islamic teachings. It encourages deeper understanding and promotes the spirit of enquiry and inquisition amongst students.


Lessons are designed to elicit meaningful discussions and offer new insights on how Muslims can confidently apply the messages of the Quran and Hadith in every aspect of their lives at the personal, family, friends and community level.


To provide students with authentic experiences, learning is extended outside classroom such as service learning and learning journey. In addition, the integrated approach that we use ensures meaningful and relevant learning for our students. With age-appropriate and contextualized content, Dirasat Deeniyyah will enable them to address current challenges and issues in an enlightened, knowledgeable and rational manner with confidence.

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