Science Learning Experience
Our academic curriculum places emphasis on Science education. Based on the MOE curriculum, it will be enhanced by best practices of national schools in the teaching and learning of science and will serve as a catalyst for your child to acquire scientific knowledge, skills and processes as well as the understanding of the grandeur and majestic world of creation bestowed by Allah swt to man.


The goal of our programme is to develop students to become students of distinction, equipped with scientific knowledge, skills and understanding that is in tandem with Islamic principles as well as values.


Our programme follows a progressive model which comprises four incremental stages. It begins with the application of scientific skills and processes in the classroom and the laboratory, followed by experiential learning and scientific research in an authentic setting. Each of these stages contains activities that will train your child to form hypotheses, conduct authentic scientific investigative methods and communicate their research findings confidently in oral as well as written forms.


Through this curriculum, your child will be trained to be an inquisitive learner, a collaborative team-player and an effective speaker who can apply his learning in integrative ways that are beneficial to himself, his community and environment.

Building a future for our students
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