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International Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin (IRLA)

Arabians also have a chance to contribute experientially towards the international society, where they will learn to radiate compassion and blessings to the poor and needy in Third World countries like Phnom Penh (Nov 2013) regardless of the faith, race or creed.


There, they helped to install a water-pump and filter system in Kampong Chnang to improve access to clean water. Following that, Arabians engaged children of the local school, Al Ihsan, by coaching them in basic English, Arabic and Quranic reading.


In November 2015, 23 students and 4 teachers were in Istanbul, Turkey, to visit Syrian refugee homes to deliver winter packages with volunteers from an NGO, Kimse Yok Mu. These packages were to help the refugees manage during the winter season better. Here students learn more about the difficulties that these refugees had to endure especially during winter when they need to spend more on electricity and food.


Teachers and students also visited two Syrian refugee Schools, Al-Amal As-Suriyah and Al-Wardah As-Suriyah schools, to conduct the following:


  • English and Arabic language reading lessons with about 80 pupils from the madrasah;
  • Performed a ‘Short-Skit’ in conjunction with the reading lessons;
  • Shared video about Singapore with students;
  • Performed a ‘Kompang’ cultural performance;
  • Presented a donation of 10,000 Turkish Liras to each school;
  • Donated reading materials for children of the school.
  • Conducted a dialogue with students of similar age in Arabic and English to deepen the understanding of the culture and the situation of the Syrian refugees;
  • Establish ‘Pen-Pals’ with Syrian students in both English and Arab;
  • Exchanged books with students as gifts.


Students from MAI managed to put a ‘smile’ to the Syrian school’s students and staff with their enthusiasm. From students’ reflection, it was noted that there was a sense of commitment to service the community and this helped them to persevere regardless of the situation.


Such trips will be a feature of MAI’s Internationalization Program for all Sec 3 students. These trips are a testimony to our vision of nurturing thinker-learners and leaders with compassion.

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