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Spiritual Development and Character Development are pivotal to our holistic education at MAI. Our students are instilled with the five core values of 2RISE – Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Spirituality and Excellence. These values are in tandem with the Islamic concept of Ihsan. The integration of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) into the teaching curriculum further shapes the desired learned Muslim in your child.


We hold firmly to the belief that the learning of al-Quran will have primary influence over the development of the core values. Our signature tarbiyah programmes are as follows:


Ihyaa’ Al-Quran 


A pillar programme in MAI is the classroom Quran memorisation lessons where the rules of recitation or tajwid are constantly infused.


Recitations become a norm in MAI as students dutifully get into the routine of reciting the al-Quran after their Zuhr prayers, in our Ihyaa’ al-Quran (Enlivening al-Quran) Programme.  We believe that this will further inculcate in our students the love of reading and reflecting on His Words, as part of their servanthood with The Creator.


Arabians look forward to every Ramadan to complete the recitation of the al-Quran annually in the Khatm Al-Quran event.


Many satellite programmes are also conducted to complement the reading of the al-Quran, like Tajwid Camps, where they see their recitations enhanced and perfected, Musabaqah Tilawah, Musabaqah Tahfiz, student presentations on Tafsir as well as sharing on Hadith of The Day. 



Tahfiz Programme


Initiated in 2012, the Tahfiz Programme in MAI in collaboration with Darul Quran Singapore (DQS) will serve as the highlight of our Al Quran Memorisation Programme.  Arabians are expected to complete at least 3 Juz while studying in MAI. They will sit for an oral examination which is accredited by DQS at the end of the year. The memorisation of al-Quran itself will develop in students, the virtues of perseverance, consistency in hard work and will be the guiding light or nur that will pave their way to more knowledge and wisdom, insya’Allah.



Physical Education (PE) and National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA)


The National Physical Fitness Award has been part of MAI’s curriculum for Physical Education since 2012. This award sets the benchmark for physical fitness that every student must achieve.


PE aims to help students develop motor skills, acquire good bodily coordination, promote desirable social behaviour, and have basic competence & confidence to face different challenges. The PE curriculum is structured to ensure that students can enjoy a range of interesting physical activities.


These, together with the nurturing of positive values and attitudes in PE, are foundations for students’ lifelong and life-wide learning to face the challenges of the 21st Century, as we believe that a healthy mind and body is essential to holistic wellness.

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