MAI Scholars’ Programme


MAI Scholars’ Programme

MAI Scholars Programme is designed for students with high overall academic achievements. It engages students in activities intended to enhance higher order thinking through meaningful research projects. The school aims to develop scholars who are passionate and self-directed learners (disciplined individuals), effective communicators (synthesizing individuals), critical and creative thinkers (creative individuals) and effective-innovative students with integrity (ethical individuals).


This programme is supported by a range of differentiated learning activities and platforms, e.g. Science Research Mentorship Programme at NUS, Olympiad Training classes and Service Learning Projects that will enrich our students in their areas of passion and aptitudes.


On top of their regular academic studies, these students will also participate in national and international competitions like the National Science Challenge (NSC) and the International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS).


A team of supportive teachers will carefully monitor the development of students in their studies, to ensure that the curriculum caters to their specific needs.

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